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So, Huffpost Living made a list of 6 natural sweeteners that are better than white sugar – and guess who made the list? Sukrin is very prominently featured with – among other things – this statement: “This 100% natural product has zero glycemic index and zero calories”.

The article makes an argument for avoiding  white sugar when dieting: “Sucrose, or white sugar, should be ruled out for dieters, as it sends blood sugar levels rocketing. It’s better to opt for natural sweeteners, which can be just as sweet as white sugar but with fewer calories — sometimes none at all.” And even though there are many arguments to be made about the individual sweeteners, we are very proud to be on the list!

The article with the list can be found here.

The writer states that it’s not always easy to find Sukrin – but we know where you can get it. In Canada, Sukrin is currently available on Sukrin Canada and will be coming soon to


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  1. Maria
    Maria says:

    Would love to try this product since I’ve heard only good things! Thanks for the opportunity.

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